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Transylvania - The Heart of Romania

January 12, 2024

Transylvania has a lot to offer: beautiful cities, endless forests, fascinating traditions. All of these are cultivated with great dedication by the people of the region.

Videostill | Dokumentation: Das Herz Rumäniens
Image: NDR
Videostill | Dokumentation: Das Herz Rumäniens
Image: NDR

Dumitru Pop, for example, works at the "funniest cemetery in the world”. His mission: to change people's view of death. He carves and paints wooden crosses for the deceased. He decides which anecdotes best commemorate the dead. Too much alcohol? A tyrannical mother-in-law? Dumitru doesn't sugarcoat anything -- and adds a dash of humor to the saddest of circumstances.



Videostill | Dokumentation: Das Herz Rumäniens
Image: NDR



Transylvania is nestled in the Carpathian Mountains and boasts seemingly endless forests and pristine nature. In towns like Sighisoara and Biertan, imposing churches remind us that Transylvania was shaped by German culture. Among the people the filmmakers meet are two Transylvanian Saxons who are renovating their house using ancient tools -- and the knowledge passed down by their ancestors.


Videostill | Dokumentation: Das Herz Rumäniens
Image: NDR


The largest ethnic minority in the country, the Roma, meet at the horse market in Gilau. The horse trade has been one of the most respected Roma professions for centuries. The market is impressive and puts on a great show. But it’s also a kind of family reunion. For the horse trader Costell and the market organizer Pufi Moldovan, it’s an exciting day.


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