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The Gems and Hardships of Monrovia

January 18, 2024

In this special edition, we see Monrovia from the sky, hear views on gender equality and meet young drug addicts.

DW 77 Percent | Edith Kimani - DW Moderatorin
Image: Christian Dransfeld/DW

The 77 Percent and Edith Kimani explore Monrovia and talk to young Liberians about gender equality and changing gender roles. We take a spin over the city with pilot Abner Yonly who crossed the Atlantic in a single engine plane. And, we gain rare access to Monrovia's kush dens – where we meet youths who have fallen for the highly addictive drug.


Monrovia: of markets, trinkets and women's empowerment

Edith Kimani and the Liberian radio host Fatu Kamara talk about Liberia's economy on trips to markets in Monrovia. They talk about why women, who form the backbone of the economy, remain disempowered. 


DW 77 Percent | Edith Kimani at the 77 Percent Street Debate
Image: Christian Dransfeld/DW

Street Debate: Should we stick to traditional gender roles?

Should the kitchen be a woman's place? Who should attend to the kids? The 77 Percent asked young Liberians to unpack gender roles and talk about how new dynamics could affect the power balance in relationships.





DW 77 Percent | Abner Yonly - Liberian pilot
Image: Privat

A Liberian's solo-flight across the Atlantic

Edith Kimani meets the young Liberian pilot Abner Yonly, who recently realized his life-long dream of flying across the Atlantic Ocean in a single engine with no autopilot system. He took off in the US with stops in Greenland, Iceland and Europe before heading over to Liberia. We cruise the sky above Liberia's capital Monrovia with Abner Yonly.





DW 77 Percent | Kush drug user, Liberia
Image: Christian Dransfeld/DW

Kush addiction in Liberia

Kush - a relatively new highly toxic synthetic drug – is devastating the lives of urban youths in Liberia.. The 77 Percent gained access to one of Monrovia's kush dens, where users, live and smoke the drug. Edith Kimani talked to them about the drug's impact on their lives and their hopes for the future.




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