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In the Middle of a Fjord: The Floating Iris Restaurant

January 12, 2024

By dining in the middle of the water, maybe you’ll put more thought into sustainable fishing. That’s the idea behind Salmon Eye, anyway. This floating sphere boasts a restaurant and exhibition.

Euromaxx Still / Salmon Eye Restaurant
Image: DW


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Euromaxx Still / deutsche Pünktlichkeit
Image: DW

How Punctual Are Germans Anyway?

Is coming five minutes late an issue to Germans? How much tardiness do they consider impolite? And do they manage to always be on time themselves? Euromaxx reporter Josephine Günther investigates.





Euromaxx Still / Staatsballett
Image: DW

How Diverse Is the Berlin State Ballet?

The Berlin State Ballet has set course for a new age with its new artistic director. Not only is the program to become more diverse and modern. The dancers are more diverse, too.





Euromaxx Still / Parmesan
Image: DW

What Sets Apart Real Parmesan Cheese?

Almost all pasta dishes are even tastier with Parmesan cheese, and it also enhances the flavor of many other dishes. But is it always the original that ends up on your pasta? Here’s where real Parmesan comes from!





DW Sendung Euromaxx | Amsterdam
Image: DW

Instagram versus Reality: Amsterdam

Colorful flowers, canals and historical buildings galore. That’s the Amsterdam you’ll find on Instagram. But what’s it like in real life? Does the city live up to all the social media hype?





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