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A graphic showing various images illustrating fact check articles, including a polar bear, a woman and child embracing, a person reading news about war on a mobile phone, a person preparing a vaccine and UFOs

Fact check

Viral fake news on social media, false claims on COVID-19 or disinformation on elections — DW's fact check team debunks, explains and uses in-depth research techniques to separate fact from fiction.

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Reports & Analysis

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A closer look

Video fact checking: How do I spot fake news? | Fact Check
Image: DW

Team DW Fact check

Find out here how we work, who we are and how you can reach us.

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A closer look

Computer l Sucht l Fake News l Symbolbild
Image: Dmitry Ageev/Blend Images/Bildagentur-online/picture alliance

How to spot fake content online

How can you recognize and verify fake news when you see them online? Here are some tips from the DW fact check team.