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Clearing Plastic Waste out of Lake Victoria

February 23, 2024

Despite restrictions introduced on some plastics in Uganda, the material is slowly clogging up Lake Victoria. So a local initiative is working to clean it up by training young divers to retrieve the waste from the water.


Eco Africa — The Environment Magazine


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DW Sendung Eco Africa | Kenya pollution
Image: DW

The fight for clean air – Tackling pollution in Nairobi

Activists in the Kenyan capital are gathering data on air pollution levels to up the pressure on authorities to act. They want to see a reduction in the gasoline motorcycles and diesel-powered minivans, or matatus, that dominate Nairobi’s streets.





DW Sendung Eco Africa | Montpellier free public transportation
Image: DW

Could free public transportation cut city emissions?

The French city of Montpellier has become the latest to offer free public transport for residents. The scheme is being financed by local companies. It’s part of a wider move to make the city greener and cleaner. But not everyone’s applauding.





Eco Africa-Sendung 03.03.2023
Image: DW

Saving South Africa's sharks

South Africa is using a wide range of high-tech methods and education programs to help observe and protect more than 200 species of shark that live in its waters. We go along for a deep dive.






DW Sendung Eco Africa | Danish city combats single-use trash
Image: DW

Danish city combats single-use trash with deposit scheme

Denmark’s second-largest city is clamping down on single-use trash and trialing a first-of-its-kind reverse vending scheme for take away coffee cups. Authorities in Aarhus say it could later be expanded to include plates, pizza boxes and more.






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